Incense and peppermints, meaningless nouns..

Turn on, Tune in, Turn your eyes around..

all this life consists of is ying and yang.

I wanted to skate there n tried climbing a tall ass fence

Rob zombies on ink master right now n all I can think of how much a lil bitch he is. He lives in Woodbury n was complaining about the skate park near his house cuz it was loud n got it closed. Like kill yourself bro


Gas in class

flvke - go



download this song, along with the rest of my album here

check out my homie’s music, shit’s raw as fuck

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The Avett Brothers - Pretty Girl from San Diego

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Romantic Storms

Passage & Shelter

New paintings for Archimedes Gallery

Limited edition prints available online here

- Martin

Holy fuck

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Trying to study n trying not to cry

I swear these dudes glue their fitted hats on for this pit

What’s uconn ?